(This option is for participants in the Philadelphia area who are picking up their cleanse in person. If you need the cleanse shipped to you please chose the + shipping option)

Sacred Renewal - The Alchemy of Restoration Spring Cleanse is a Rejuvenating 9 day ritualistic seasonal practice offered as an invitation and opportunity to dislodge and release left over undigested matter, Ama, that leads to disease, allergy, dysfunction in the physical, mental & emotional body. Through this process the innate intelligence, health and beauty of the mind, body and spirit is renewed & restored. This cleanse is a journey through the elements to restore radiant, vibrant health. This cleanse has been meticulously designed to nourish a ‘burnt out’ system and release accumulated water & earth waste in the tissues of the body from a drying, ominous winter. Some symptoms of this ‘left-over’ Ama are excess body and belly weight, nervous tension, irritable red sensitive skin, blocked sinuses and head colds, feeling creatively paralyzed, deep exhaustion and confusion. Through this gentle detoxification of the liver, skin and gut, a vibrant expression of personal power is established. Cellular metabolism and organ health is enhanced, establishing a focused mind, an ease filled spirit, and a flexible, fluid body.Sacred Renewal - The Alchemy of RestorationSpring Cleanse is filled with delicious, amazing, nutrient filled teas, herbs and food recipes. Guidelines from wake to sleep with daily mantra and intention is provided as an ‘energetic vehicle’ to access pristine grounded~ness, strength and balance. Included in your Cleanse package is a complete concise protocol to follow for 9 days ~ inclusive of pre and post cleanse guidelines ~ All information to complete the 9 day cleanse will be delivered in a printable PDF form and a full video explanation which will be emailed to you on April 22nd. This cleanse can be engaged in any 9 day period that works best for you, completing it by May 30th ~ Oils, herbs, teas and ritual tools will be mailed to you by or a few days prior to April 22nd or available for pick up at Bharani Lair in Philadelphia on or after April 22nd. If you are unable to pick up from our Philadelphia location please choose the long distance payment option as an additional $15 has been added to cover shipping cost.

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