Sublime gunpowder & jasmine green tea is saturated in stimulating, energizing, longevity enhancing super berry Schisandra. This age retarding, high-powered health accelerator (& sexual tonic) increases energy as it ameliorates deep fatigue. Hibiscus, (lover of heart, kidney, & skin health) is drenched in ginger, clove and lemongrass. This alchemic nectar contains the mystical Burdock root. This ancient skin healing, blood purifier possesses anti-inflammatory & antibacterial powers, and has been used to lower blood sugar & flush the lymphatic system...bright skin!
Believed to be feminine in nature and associated with Venus, this gorgeous blend VIBRATES beauty’s Powers!
A supersonic delectable and effective way to wake up, get going & activate life's dharma without stimulants...No crashing zone Nectar!
Drink hot or chilled, also great to use in cooking to add nutrients to sweets dishes.

Supersonic Shaman Tea