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~Lotus Ritual~

Full Body Nectar Therapy

Transformative, intuitive bodywork based on birth information and Vikruti

(present doshic condition). Utilizing the elements to awaken energy in the Chakra centers, custom oils, aromatic perfumes, herbal elixirs and sublime foods are created and employed during this Ritual to dismantle deep physical and mental obstruction.

This ancient 'oil bath' massage therapy arouses the body’s intrinsic capacity to elevate endorphins through sublime relaxation.  Warm oils and herbal nectars are poured over the head, face and body in a rhythmic manner to lull one into altered states,

awakening and liberating energy for profound healing.

Plan to be here for 2 hours.

80 minutes
$180. Cash

195. Venmo/Check

Men: email for inquiry

~Opening the Lotus~

Ayurvedic Facial Therapy

Full body therapy utilizing custom created aromatic oils, herbs and unctions.
This treatment is a myriad of ancient therapies for eyes, ears, head inclusive of  sinus.

deep facial cleansing, steaming, and exfoliation with custom aromatic oils & unctions

to lull one into a state of profound restoration. 
Consistent rhythmic massage of the face, scalp, feet and upper back arouse a

sublime healing through the sense apertures revealing a luminous

glow and sense of profound clarity.

Herbal nectars begin & follow the therapy.

70 minutes


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