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These sacred aromatic potions represent the Shakti (energy) and Siddhi (alchemic power) of their namesake Goddess and her influence on certain Chakras, (spinning centers of consciousness within) that motivate thought, emotion and physicality.

Each formula is 90% pure essential oil held in a base of fractionated coconut in which Lotus stamen, rose and white copal has been infused. This nectar is directionally exposed to moon rays with ancient mantra that honor and represent its Nitya, moon phase Devi. This enhances the vibration of the oil and reveals its Soma (nectar of immortality). 


Like the boon of Devi, the scent changes and expresses itself differently each time it is worn. Reciting the mantra as the perfume is applied, visualizing the Devi will enhance the perfumes qualities, allowing her to reveal her qualities through your form. With every perfume comes an image of the Devi and her mantra.

Custom oils, depending on your desires and aspirations are available upon
request after information has been gathered.
Custom formulas begin @ $45.


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