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please adhere to these guidelines to enhance your practice and out of respect for your fellow practitioners

- BEFORE entering Bharani Lair please turn off all cell phones and pagers. If by chance it does ring in class, please don't answer it... find it and turn it off.

- Please come to class showered and clean, this enhances practice and is respectful to our fellow practitioners. If you cannot shower before class, please wash face, hands, feet.

- Please store any used mats, blankets & scarves with respect after use.

- Please NO perfumes and scented lotions and colognes. Pure essential oil products are fine. 

- Please remove watches and loose fitting jewelry (bracelets, necklaces) this can be very disruptive to a practice, physically and energetically.

- Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach... If you can please avoid eating 2-3 hours before class. A full stomach needs energy to digest food which pulls energy from our muscles. 

- Please tie long hair back.

- PLEASE BE ON TIME. Because of the intimate nature of the classes, prompt arrival demonstrates Yogic and human consideration and karuna, compassion. 

- IF YOU ARE PICKING UP PRODUCTS, plan to arrive before class to take care of purchases, after class it can get gridlocked. Also, inquiries and questions about personal practices should be addressed in consultations and/or emails. If you are interested in booking treatments or consults please email Lilavati, prior or post class is not advisable for bookings. 

10. If you're late to class and chanting has begun, please enter as silently as possible and be seated. Please do NOT unroll mats or walk around the room during chanting, centering or meditation. Don't worry about finding a place — the instructor or assistant will get you a place when we start to move.

11. Please take off your shoes at the bottom of the steps and leave on the shoe rack under the coat hooks.

12. Bring as few personal items to class as possible. 

13. Please use the time before class to find stillness, and attune to your inner energy and Yogi Mindset. Fellow students use this time to quiet, meditate and center.

14. If you need to leave class early, please inform the teacher before class and you will be directed to take an early Shavasana. Please do not leave after shavasana (resting pose) begins to avoid disturbing other students. Both shavasana and meditation are important AND crucial elements of yoga class and represent a compete experience. 

15. No chewing gum.

16. Do not practice inverted asanas during menstruation. 

17. If you have physical considerations or on medication, please let the teacher know to receive modifications. 

18. Please refrain from pointing feet towards the altar or the instructor. 



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