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Our products are housed in recycled and easily recyclable glass or, in some cases, recycled plastic. We carefully choose our vessels, so the environment is never compromised. The oils, herbs, plants and essential oils we use are sourced from farms or companies with a high level of integrity and deep respect for Ma earth. The waste from the production is composted and recycled. Our labels are printed on recycled paper and we strive to work with plant based inks. When you receive an Aromabliss package, rest assure, the plastic bubble wrap, boxes and tissue paper are are made from recycled materials and the peanuts and additional packaging material are always reused from packages we receive  from our suppliers. Please, we ask of you to strive to adapt the practices of paper conservation and recycle where you can. Our planet is depending on us to care for her.

all aspects of Aromabliss reflect this practice.


Our Promise to You and Our Planet
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