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Check out this feature in the Free People Building 25 Blog written by our dear friend Brigette!

You have to go to a class at Bharani Lair. It is so very special, but hard to describe. You will go home feeling relaxed and peaceful and her message will stay with you. And her ayurvedic products are wonderful. Put your trust in Lilavati, you won't be sorry!


What an amazing class! I have enjoyed Lilavati’s fantastic ayurvedic treatments in the past but had never experienced taking an asana class with her… Oh what I have been missing! The studio is welcoming and beautiful. Class was nurturing and directed by the energies of the day and the students’ circumstances. Lilavati talents as a healer shine through as she weaves her knowledge of mantra and ayurveda into a healing yoga class that you will not find elsewhere.


Bharani Lair is awesome! If you are looking for a truly relaxing, mind clearing, stress relieving experience then you’ll find it at this yoga studio I’ve been a student of Lilavati’s for more than a decade. Her classes have changed my life. I have more compassion, patience and have let go of much of my self centered, ego centric ways. My mind no longer buzzes with millions of thoughts. You haven’t done yoga until you’ve been to one of her classes. Lilavati’s Aroma Bliss products are fantastic. I love the nasya oil as well as the bliss balm and the body oil. I haven’t had dry skin in years and the nasya oil prevents sinus issues. Like massages and body work? I’ve been all over the country and haven’t found someone who can give a massage or do body work like Lilavati. Her hands and technique are the best.


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Thank you so much for inviting us to your beautiful and warming studio. It is like a soul fairyland in the dream. And it is so moving to share and listen to each other about our happiness and worries. I am so lucky to know you!


Practicing with Lilavati is unlike anything I've ever experienced ... in the best way possible. Upon walking into her studio, you are immediately welcomed and surrounded by beauty. The practice itself is free of judgment or competition and instead focuses on the true meaning of yoga. It allows you to unleash and unravel, all the while getting to know yourself better. Whenever I am lucky enough to practice at The Lair, I leave feeling completely renewed and walk away learning something new about myself or the world. It sounds cheesy, I know, but once you experience it for yourself, you will completely get what I'm saying. To top it off, practice always includes intoxicating aromas derived from organic oils, warm blankets, glowing lights, and enchanting music. Beyond class, I've also experienced Lilavati's powerful Ayurvedic treatments/rituals, and they are absolutely magical. You are treated like royalty from start to finish, and the entire experience is heavenly and so, so healing. Her products are made with only the highest quality all natural ingredients and allow you to bring your practice home, while nourishing your entire body. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Lilavati, Bharani Lair, or Aromabliss. They are all life-changing ... and so, so rad!

Adriana Z-F

The morning this beautiful website débuted, I was still suffering from a “sweet love hangover” after a night at Bharani Lair, a result of partaking in the offered nectar of scents and mat work. Big LOVE & gratitude, Lilavati Devi, for all of the wisdom you impart about life, energetics, love, truth, beauty, and compassion as well as those procured lotions, potions, perfumes & cleanses. BIGGER thanks too to all the sages & rishis who’ve come before us, Parvathi, Trevor Ram Das, Emily and the two four-legged assistants who’ve contributed in some form or fashion to your amazing space, Bharani Lair.  
Om shanti


If you are looking to connect with the "divine within" you are at the right place. I have been here a few times and I am looking forward to many more visits. Auyrvedic Yoga is not your regular yoga class. Beyond relaxing. I didn't know the tension I had been walking with until I got on my mat and really relaxed.  Lilavati is a Goddess and healer. Amazing experience!


Lilavati has created a sanctuary of beauty and inspiration. I love her depth, warmth, laughter and knowledge. Her dedication to discovering the authentic teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda make her a very unique asset in the fast-food mentality that is shaping much of the yoga culture today. She is a treasure of a teacher. Aromabliss products are by far the best ayurvedic products in this country.


I've experienced yoga in different places. but never experienced yoga as it’s practiced at Bharani Lair. There just aren’t words. The authenticity and beauty of the energy is nothing short of stunning. Lilavati’s massage is also divinely inspired, as are the lotions, creams and cures she creates for those of us lucky enough to have crossed her path. She’s the real deal. The studio is the real deal. Her ayurvedic products are extraordinary.


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