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Guidance for those interested in beginning or enhancing a journey into wellness through Ayurveda. 
These rituals are imbued with power to awaken profound Shakti...

health in the physical, mental and spiritual being.

These ritual are a necessity for all, but especially for Yogic Practitioners desiring to bring 
their 'practice to life'. Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga, awakens the Siddhi (power) of deep health through these ancient protocols employed and used by the Rishis and Sages

in their quest to extend life and life force of and in the body. 



Consult 1: Dinacharya (Bhur)

Introduction to lifestyle rituals.

This consult begins by gathering intention and  birth information.
This is an intimate one on one tutorial of daily rituals, with clear

explanation and guidance to engage the protocol with ease.
Through this specific daily protocol the removal of superficial waste from the

physical and mind body begins and one is rebooted to a state of clarity

where energy may be meticulously directed and deep health may flourish. 
Included are 5 full size Aromabliss products to begin the journey.

50 Minutes

Consult 2: Food Practices (Bhuvah)

After an intake of past illness, imbalances, injuries, ancestral conditions,

one's present state, Vikruti is established. A weeklong food log

(which the recipient creates) is analyzed to establish where 

imbalances may be rooted and guidance to refine the daily 

meal plan is given. Foods guidelines (what and when to eat), will be presented

for an easy to follow food plan which will reflect the most compatible

and comprehensive foods to ameliorate disease and actualize strong health.
Includes 5 Recipes.

90 mins


Consult 3: Sadhana (Svah)

- Review and refine all of the previously engaged practices.
- Receive a 40+ day herbal formula to be used daily.
- Receive mantra practice, this is established through the consultation of a

Jyotisha (vedic astrologer) and acquiring birth information based on your

specific Nakashatra (moon constellation) and Dasa and subdasa,

(planetary life time).

- Receive a precise asana practice based on the above.
- Receive an anointing perfume specific to all the above.


70-80 mins


Consult 3 
(w/o previous appointments & upon consideration)



Subsequent herbal formulas $30-35.
Perfumes: prices vary 

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