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Begin a  journey to your bija or seed of limitless potential with 

Lair of the Lotus Autumnal Cleanse.


This summer's heat was extra intense with a cosmic circus of eclipses, retrogrades and debilitations leaving many exhausted and BURNT OUT, with low digestion, skin issues and general malaise.


Lair of the Lotus is a 9 day guided protocol to release accumulated waste from the body and mind before untamed heat ascends reeking havoc in the upper tissues as Vata season approaches.


Lair of the Lotus Pitta Detox is filled with amazing recipes yielding nutrient filled food with specific mantra and intention

to access health's great source.

Ingest gorgeous pitta reducing teas and herbs, to release heat and tension

so you can access TRUE energy, strength and balance in the body and mind. Indulge the body with ritual tools needed to brilliantly complete

a powerful detox practice.


Included in the Cleanse package is a complete concise protocol to follow for 9 days including pre and post cleanse guidelines. All information to complete the 9 day cleanse will be delivered in a PDF

as well as a full video explanation that will be emailed to you on October 6th. 


Oils, herbs, teas and ritual tools will be mailed to you by or a few days prior to October 6th or available for pick up at Bharani Lair in Philadelphia on or after October 6th. If you are unable to pick up from our Philadelphia location please choose the long distance payment option above as an additional $14 has been added to cover shipping cost. 


PICK up in Philadelphia:

$207 before 9/25

$227 after

MAILED package:

$220 before 9/25

$240 after

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