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~Sadhana Oils~

These two complexly beautiful aromatic nectars were created to dynamically align & attune the physical & emotional being for profound support while in devotional practice or Sadhana to awaken the essence of these energies. 

These rich powerful oils are massaged into the body from the feet to the groin, hands to shoulders, pubic bone to neck, circling clockwise on belly, clockwise & counter clockwise on the breast.

Because of their herbal strength, they can be lightly cut with a base oil (coconut for Chandi, Sesame for Shiva) at a 50/50 ratio for pre-shower abyhanga or use straight post-shower on damp skin.

Shiva Sadhana oil is a rich intoxicating blend of Davana, a favorite of Shiva's, bergamot & Peru balsam. This oil establishes a grounding energy for deep meditative practices.


Chandi is the perfect tool for Durga, Kali & Chandi practices to keep cool energy flowing. Red mandarin excites the spiced aromas of clove & frankincense, arousing reminiscence of ancient time worship.

With Navaratri soon approaching a limited supply is being offered.

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