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~The Lair of Venus~

Sublime Self care rituals to carry one into the

cosmic expression of Divine Feminine.

Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles

Friday 8/11, 5-7:30 PM


A Devi convergence with guidance into the art & technique of ancient Tantric/Ayurvedic Rituals to arouse & enhance Shakti, the innate female energetic essence in the body & consciousness.


Learn the importance & practice of daily oiling... lunar massage techniques & mantra for breast, yoni  & mouth care as as a pathway to awaken great ease in the form. Wildly relevant practices so necessary & required in these dynamic Solar times.


We will toast with sublime rose nectars, snack on luscious treats, be anointed with fragrant unctions and leave with a satchel of self care ritual products to jumpstart self renewal.

Your contribution to enhance your wild well being:  $36

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