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This complexly beautiful cooling aromatic nectar is  created  to access the alchemy  of   Kali & Chandi MA. This  rare sublime oil is applied ritualisticall to  manifest, support & nourish the being while in devotional practice or Sadhana with Her Shakti.

This  powerful nectar  is massaged into the body from the feet to the groin, hands to shoulders, pubic bone to neck, circling clockwise on belly, clockwise & counter clockwise on the breast.

Because of its herbal strength & concentration it may  be cut with an organic base oil (Sesame, Coconut, Avocado, Macadamia) @ a 50/50 ratio for pre-shower abyhanga massage or use straight for post-shower pre practice body veil onto damp skin.

Chandi Sadhana Oil 100ml

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