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A nourishing protective mild version of the our original Nasya formula.

This is NOT as spicy as the Cosmic & Sonic but has the same amazing ingredients, for those who don't resonate with the stimulating effect of the eucalyptus & peppermint in the Sonic/Original.

This amazing oil helps relieve nasal dryness and nourish and lubricate the delicate nasal mucous membranes, and dislodging impacted, obscured debris which often exacerbates allergies and head colds. This brilliant oil contains Brahmi, Jatamansi, Vacha, and Pippli, all top quality herbs which ancient Ayurvedic texts refer to as Medhya Rasayan, significant herbs believed to increase divine wisdom, intelligence, clarity and concentration. Nasya Oil is infused with Kalmega, an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory plant known for its exceptional ability to protect the liver, brain and heart, as well as exhibiting the power to reduce symptoms of colds. Daily use of this oil helps dissolve puffiness and accumulation under the eyes while protecting and nourishing the delicate sinus membranes from airborne bacteria, particles, pollution and smoke. Nasya Oil is excellent for those suffering from allergies.

Nasya Soothe

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