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After 6 months of continuous ‘refinement & alchemy’ testing formula after formula of oils & herbs Aromabliss is wildly pleased to offer ‘Shri’, a facial nectar Para Para, 
Beyond the Beyond.

Shri translate as the manifestation of the most auspicious, the most rarified, the most coveted.

Shri is that which holds the highest vibration of beauty, brilliance, wisdom.

Shri Chandra & Shri Soma are the enhanced “pranified” energized & glorified versions of our 2 astounding facial Nectars.  

~Created in homage to the Das MahaVidyas, the 10 wisdom Goddesses~ This sublime nectar contains 10 precious herbs, known to tone, clear, firm, smooth & soothe skin. Their power to enhance cellular production, which diminishes as we age, are under stress, sleep deprived, dehydrated, overworked or traveled, is unparalleled!

Their Story: After these herbs are imbued, with ancient lineage based Ayurvedic rituals, in cooling oils, with Mantra to the Mahavidyas, their prana or LIFEforce, through this alchemy expands.  
The herbal medicine nectar is then combined with the most SHRI of oils, RedRasperry, Meadowfoam, Baobab and the luscious sublime MORINGA oil.

These organic oils are rich in anti-oxidant, soluble absorbable vitamin, stress relieving & cell stimulating qualities .Individually they are highly coveted Skin-Youth oils, combined with the alchemized herbs, the action of each is exalted.

This divine offering of these oils is VAST for skin health but the real magic is that they are so readily absorbed & digested into the skin. The almost instant luminous moonglow!

Both are perfect for warmer & colder climates as the creation process shifts slightly in response to the changing seasons, delivering the essence of true Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.

Your desires are met with intoxicating scents

SOMA Rose Neroli 
CHANDRA Frankincense Sandalwood.

These are the most highly revered essential oils for skin beauty, vibrancy & health.

No expense was spared creating these Nectars of Beauty for your Divine Self

Apply AM/PM in place of, or beneath skin crème as a SuperSonic facial Skin moisturizer

Shri Soma Facial Nectar 1oz

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