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Here is a profound ritual tool to assist you in your glorious life path. indulge in a specialized, super personalized oil for yourself or one you love. Based on ancient Vedic wisdom derived from your birth information, Lilavati will analyze & meditate on information you provide & attune to a Devi or Deva, the luminous field of consciousness specific to where you are that THIS time in your life journey. She will then create an oil nectar with mantra & intention meticulously resonate with your desires. This info is deeply attuned to planetary configuration present in your life right now and through the oiling ritual will physically manifest your desires from the flesh to the spirit. Send us your DOB, place & Time of Birth, along with your intention for your Life & well being, including any physical, mental or emotional energies you desire to ameliorate or enhance. Please be precise with the information, keeping focused to the deepest, clearest intention. Include this information in the. ~note to seller ~window in your shopping cart OR email Namaste

Custom Ritual Oils

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