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The Gorgeous BLISS FACE BALM is on sale to celebrate JUNE!

This week only take 10% off this amazing herbal medicine doubling as a supersonic Face creme.

Discount Code: devi


A divinely rich whipped butter to soothe and hydrate the most oil and moisture deficient facial skin. This magical blend, scented with Neroli and Roswood, is formulated to arouse true Goddess Beauty. Rice Bran oil, one of natures most powerful anti-aging treatment oils, is blended with Raspberry Seed and Mango oil. Ancient Ayurvedic herbs, Manjista, Rose, Frankinsense, Mucuna pruriens,Vasak and Sariva, traditionally used to enhance the glow & structure of skin - are imbued into the oils, allowing them to be readily absorbed into the skin. Use Bliss Balm Face as a daily moisturizer or an amazing night crème for deep skin healing.

Bliss Balm Face Cream 1oz

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