An activating oil to invigorate and effectively dispel lethargy and sluggishness in the body, mind, and emotions. This dynamic warming oil releases obscured energy in the body and activates a “decongesting” action of metabolic waste. This is a great “detox” oil for water retention, feelings of torpor and immobility, excess weight, heaviness, and sluggish skin. This is an excellent tonic for use during the heavy, wet weather in the Spring due to the spirited herbs the oil houses. Vacha and Pippali are infused into this rich oil and are quick acting to reveal a lightness in the body and mind. These aromatic tonics have numerous beneficial properties including improving perception by stimulating nerve tissue, dispelling congestion and ama (sticky accumulation) in the lungs, relieving edema and increasing the immunology of the body.

Kapha Oil 8oz