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A warming oil to loosen tension, heaviness and obstructed mucous in the chest, lungs and heart center. A GREAT medicine cabinet oil procured with 10 wondrous Ayurvedic herbs specific for enhancing flow and vibrant function of breath. The plant medicines behave as nature's premiere physicians, enhancing the immune system function while strengthening the body’s ability to shield itself against pathogens that lead to colds, flu, mucous accumulation. The sweet herbaceous scent of arjuna, vacha, nettle, lemongrass and tulsi is brightened with fir balsam, tulsi, eucalyptus and frankincense essential oils.

Made in very small batches to maintain the high ShaktiPrana, this is an Avatar of an oil to enhance, maintain and manifest brilliant chest health!

Use daily, or during cold/flu/accumulation.  

* We reccommend adding a reusable $1 pump to this oil via our catalog page.

Govinda: Lung & Chest Clearing Oil 4oz

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