Shakti Ojas is the rich luscious oil of the Goddess. This rejuvenating herbal infusion is a highly effective daily feminine lubricant and longevity oil used to support and enhance female health and beauty. Created with  omnipotent powerful plants Ayurvedically known for their capacity to nourish and infuse life force and energy into the reproductive tissue, Shakti Ojas creates & supports a supple, youthful environment internally and externally.  The herbs in SO are infused on certain moon days for an extended period of time 'recreating' the base oil.  Daily use of this oil enhances the structure of the membrane tissue within the Yoni, and skin allowing one to feel more grounded, stable, sensual.  Regular & ritualistic use of this oil gently guides the body into a balanced state with the moon so monthly bleeding moves to the New Moon. 

* We reccommend adding a reusable $1 pump to this oil via our catalog page.

Shakti Ojas 4oz