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This nutrient-imbued oil contains ancient potent hair growth herbs and rich cooling oils to turn dull, lifeless hair into lustrous strands by stimulating and feeding the hair root and scalp. The herbal ingredients contained are powerful remedies to remove heat from the head, one of the factors known to cause graying and thinning of the hair. Ayurveda guides one to massage this oil into the scalp daily to increases blood circulation and to keep the roots strong, promoting a healthy environment for growth. This is an excellent tonic for combating dandruff and dry scalp. This is a great oil to enhance meditation and deepen a Yoga practice. The name Vamakesi translates as "She with Beautiful Hair" and "The Wife of Shiva".

* We reccommend adding a reusable $1 pump to this oil via our catalog page.

Vamakesi Hair Oil 3oz

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