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A resplendent new blend to cleanse and veil the facial skin. The base of Varnya is soothing organic Aloe and Apricot Kernel oils, both known for their revitalizing, softening properties. Apricot Kernel vibrates with abundant amounts of highly coveted Vitamin E. Infused in these luscious oils are 16 herbs dedicated to the Goddess Shodashi, an emanation of Tripura Sundari, the beautiful Goddess of the 3 worlds. This is not just a cleanser but a rejuvenating elixir to manifest a youthful essence in the skin. In Sanskrit, Varnya is the illuminating quality that arouses glow and luminosity. The herbs within are pure beauty arousers. Sariva, the Ayurvedic herb adored by Indian physicians for its skin nourishing and healing properties. Olive leaf, containing oleuropein, exhibits antioxidant qualities, reduces inflammation and is known for its antimicrobial properties. Lavender, Calendula and Chrysanthemum calm, soothe and cool the delicate skin of the face and around the eyes.

* We reccommend adding a reusable $1 pump to this oil via our catalog page.

Varnya 4oz

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