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Treat yourself like a Goddess with a daily breast massage. This sumptuous whipped balm is not only an epicurean delight, but a creme with far reaching action. Bliss Breast Balm is abundant in Pomegranate oil, traditionally believed by Ayurveda to be efficacious for breast health, and confirmed by recent studies from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology indicating pomegranate seed oil triggers apoptosis -- a self-destruct mechanism in breast cancer cells. This rare organic oil is combined with Macadamia butter and evening primrose oil. Rich, lavish ingredients, scented with Pink Grapefruit and Yellow Mandarin merge with Shatavari, the omnipotent female herb which awakens and arouses Sublime Shakti, divine feminine essence, to make this luscious balm. Massage Bliss Breast Balm into breasts daily.

Breast Balm 4oz

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