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A Dynamic Eclipse is upon us in the very early hours of Monday!

Trident Trillogy is a Yogic practice designed to attune the body, mind & subtle body to receive the greatest benefit while dimishing the potential wrath of this powerful & deeply tranformative cosmic event.

Restorative, grounding, Tri-doshic, this is a chilled out practice to stabalize & support a vibrant self relationship.


A VIRTUAL 3 day, 36 minute, breath, mantra, meditation, mudra, movement practice will arrive in  your email box 

SATURDAY (day before) SUNDAY (day of) & MONDAY (day after)

by 5 AM EST 

Saturnday:  Practices to access the deep wisdom & stability of Saturn 

Sunday:  Practices to tune into the radiant power & Light of Surya, 

Monday:  Lunar Practices to Integrate &  build Ojas, deep health


You will recieve your practice after purchase by  5 AM (EST)  on Saturday, Sunday & Monday.

The entire trilogy practice will be available 5 days  after purchase

FULL Moon Eclipse Trident Trilogy

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